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When it comes to make-up,we’ve all done some questionable things in the past that may make us cringe. Or we may be doing them currently and we just don’t know it. Calling all eye make-up enthusiasts! Here are some few things I’ve picked up over the years:

1.DO use an eye primer.

The use of eye primer cannot be emphasized enough. Of course the more high-end eye shadows have a lot of staying power on their own but I don’t take any chances. I use primer under everything. Not only does it hold your eye shadow in place all day and night, but it also makes colours more vivid. Even the poor quality eye shadows are able to stay on for ages without creasing.

Urban Decay eye primer. Best there is.

 2. DON’T use a sponge applicator to apply eye shadow

You know those tiny things that come with eye shadows? Yeah. Ditch them. they never did anyone any good. Not only are they tiny and annoying to hold but they also apply eye shadow poorly. Go for eye shadow brushes instead.

3. DO blend your eye shadow

There’s a saying in the make-up world that goes like ”Blend, blend, blend. If you think you’re done blending, blend some more!” Blended eye shadow is a beautiful thing. It looks professional and seamless. The right blending brush will aid you in this.

4.DON’T wear false lashes everyday…But if you do,remove them properly

False lashes are a thing of beauty. Especially the long wispy ones that make us look flirty and nineteen again. They look stunning in pictures and have a way of elevating our confidence level real quick. However, wearing them everyday, unless you’re a celebrity and it’s in your job description to wear lashes daily ; it’s better to stay away. The actual false lashes won’t damage your natural lashes. It’s the process of removal. The wrong removal process may lead to premature sagging of lids, wrinkling, damage to the eye area or loss/damage of your natural lashes.

5.DO use waterproof mascara

If you want the long wispy or voluminous lashes ,an alternative to false lashes is mascara. Waterproof mascara. It’s the best way to go when you want to be sure that you won’t have streaks of black running down your cheeks if you ever have an emotional episode. A good waterproof mascara can even withstand the sweating that comes with burning calories at the gym…You know, in case you happen to be wearing mascara at to the gym.

6.DON’T buy counterfeit

I’m talking about the fake MAC eye shadows and the fake Chanel eye liners. Especially in Nairobi. I often scratch my head when I see women buying the fake ‘NAKED 5’ eye shadow palettes. I hate to break it to ya…Urban Decay has only reached ‘NAKED 3’. The latest is the NAKED SMOKEY. Not ‘NAKED 5’. The problem with knock-offs and fake China imports is that they contain alarming levels of mercury,lead and cyanide according to this report. As a buyer you risk allergic reactions and long term health problems.



Source: pinterest.com


7.DO experiment with colours

Variety truly is the spice of life. How about you try out different colour eye shadow combinations? Neutral colours are great but there’s nothing better than stepping out of your comfort zone to experiment with colour. Life begins there!

8. DON’T share mascara and liquid eye liner

This rule should be non-negotiable. Don’t share your tube of mascara and liquid eye liner with anyone . Not even your sister. Joint make-up sessions with friends are so much fun. But eye infections are not. Sharing eye make-up is unsanitary as microscopic organisms may be transferred from your eyes to the next person’s, causing an eye infection. So keep your mascara to yourself !

9. DO throw out old eye make-up

There comes a time when make-up needs to go. Make-up products have expiration dates, not because cosmetic companies want you to buy more products, but because make-up becomes less effective over time. Also, it may apply less smoothly and start harbouring bacteria which may lead to eye infections. The average life span of powder eye shadow is 1 to two years, mascara 3 months, liquid eye liner 6 to 12 months eye pencil about 1 to 2 years. Toss your eye make-up if you notice any odd behaviour in or on it.

10.DON’T line the lower lash line without lining the upper lash line

Admit it. You did this as a teenager. Thick black kohl eye liner on your bottom lash line and little or none on your upper lash line. I did this too. The problem with doing this is that it makes your eye to appear like it’s being dragged down. Line both top and bottom to create an even-looking eye.

11.DO trade black eye liner for brown sometimes

Black eye liner is a staple in a make-up kit. Most of us love it for the intensity it provides and how it completes a look. But brown eye liner is also a great thing to try, especially for daytime. Trade the black for a brown liner sometime.

12. DON’t use eye liner pencil that is too sharp or too blunt

It’s a given that the eye is a very delicate part of the body. It must be approached with care. Therefore everything that comes into contact with it must not lead to any damage. When using eye liner pencil, you can sharpen it but ensure it is not too sharp. A way to be sure is to run it over your hands just to make it a bit blunt and you’re good to go!

Which other eye make-up no-no would you like to add?

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